More Than a Farm

Research, teaching, and public outreach — these are the pillars through which Clemson’s Student Organic Farm executes its mission “to provide an experiential learning environment demonstrating ecologically, economically and socially sustainable farming strategies which strengthen local food systems.”
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Call me MiSTER

Ask Winston Holton, field coordinator of the Call Me MiSTER program, to describe the program, and he’ll tell you “revolutionary.” “It’s really hard to encapsulate all that we endeavor to do and be,” said Holton. “It is so transformational, both for the Misters we work with, but also for the countless number of young people that [the Misters] will impact over their careers.”
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Fighting Disease, One Experiment at a Time

Meredith Morris, an Assistant Professor in Genetics and Biochemistry, and her students are working hard to eliminate African Trypanosomiasis, one of Africa’s longest surviving parasites, through a service-learning course. Students in the spring 2016 CU INVEStors Creative Inquiry course were able to put knowledge learned in the classroom into real-life experience while working with teenagers at Richland Northeast High School in Columbia, S.C.